BZ Weekend Caption Competition™: Why? Edition Winners

Did I say Monday? Er, I meant Wednesday.

Winners are:

First: Rodney Dill: Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn’t want to be seen with the Frenchman.

Second:Gauze*: And now a haiku…
I cross the road.
To complete this caption.

Third: Cowboy Blob: All the cool roosters drove to school; Irving had to wait for the bus.

Thanks for playing, same time next week, but different place!


YouTube Test

Just testing out YouTube.

Back in action…

The main site is now back up and running again. However, it has been fun playing with some new themes. You have to love WordPress.

BZ Weekend Caption Competition™: Why? Edition

Without further delay here is this week’s caption competition, which asks that famous question.

The Colonel’s solution to the Collector’s Hill traffic dilema takes shape.

Winners will be announced on Monday.

Other Victims:

Links updated as they become available.

Fall back


Apologies for not posting for the past few days – it looks like the host server which hosts,, and My2Cents has gone poof. Of course it has. When there have been so many blogworthy events in the past few days. Anyway, just to get the caption competition out and some other goodies, I’ve fallen back to the RV here and will copy the posts over at a later date.